Monday, 7 November 2011

Cambridge Folk Festival, 28th July, 2011

Here's the whole set:

James Owen, York, 127 Miles:
Helen Preddy, Peckham, 51 miles:
Eddie Barcan, Southend, 52 miles:
Amy Richardson, San Francisco, 5750 miles:
Angela Clift, Kakadu National Park, 7450 miles:
Anonymous, Woodgreen, 41 miles:
John, Leyton, 46 miles:
Faye Marlowe-Splading, Old Churstoke, 136 miles:
Maddie May and Eliza Rose, Lowestoft, 69 miles:
Anonymous, New York, 3500 miles:
Kate Johnson, Ringford, 150 miles:
Anonymous, Fulford, 126 miles:
Ed, Norwich, 57 miles:
Teresa Bowen, 136 miles:

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